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Friday, June 02, 2017
By HoloQuest Weddings
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If you have a nice wedding budget, and you want to step up your wedding reception, here are 10 unique ways to make it happen.

1. Valet Parking. One of the easiest ways to turn your wedding into a high-class event is to provide valet parking. Your guests will love the convenience of it, especially if you choose a venue that has limited parking. Downtown Pensacola is a great example of this. Parking is usually hard to find, especially if there is an event like Gallery Night. Valet parking will also avoid the chances of your guests getting a parking ticket. That wouldn't be a good end to a fabulous event.

2. Have a Theme. Pick a decade or maybe your favorite movie. So far, we've seen Star Wars and Great Gatsby. Both were great. Be sure to let your guests know about the theme and dress code on your wedding invitations. 

3. Dramatic lighting. This can be done several ways depending on what look you'd like to achieve. Uplighting is an inexpensive way to transform a space. For just $250, your exact color choice(s) will light up your venue's walls and take the space from drab to fab. Café lighting is beautiful. It's great for both indoor and outdoor spaces, when you need more light, but you don't want it to be overpowering. Décor lighting and custom monograms will take your decorations to a higher level. We use décor lighting to highlight specific spaces. For example, we can display a custom monogram on the dance floor. We can use décor lighting to bring extra attention to the cake or bridal party table.

4. Ice Sculptures. These can be both beautiful and entertaining. You can have a local artist carve ice sculptures during cocktail hour, and they can be displayed at the bar or anywhere food is served through out the night.

5. Video booth. Photo booths are so common right now. Take your wedding up a few notches by having a slow motion video booth instead. We recommend Jon and Christine at Flomobooth. They are based in Pensacola, Florida, but they will travel world-wide. Instead of capturing the same old tired poses as people are inclined to do in a photo booth, they create spontaneous moments that encourage people to break free and move! 

6. Cocktail waiters. If you want your wedding to be fancy or classy, having cocktail waiters is a nice touch. Instead of having a line at the bar, they can be passing out special drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

7. Caricatures. This is a unique way to entertain guests. They also get to take home their caricature, which will remind them of how amazing your wedding was every time they look at it. Unlike most party favors, this one is less likely to get thrown out.  

8. Choreographed Dances. We haven't seen a choreographed dance that we didn't love. These are just great for so many different reasons. One, you'll have an excuse to go to dance lessons with your fiancé. Two, you'll feel extra confident during your first dance. Three, it will take something formal and make it fun. And four, you're guests will just love it. We've seen excellent choreographed father/daughter and mother/son dances. We would really love to see a choreographed wedding party dance!

9. Require speeches to be sung. Speeches can be hit or miss at weddings. Most people aren't comfortable or great public speakers. We often see people read their speech word-for-word off their phone. Some people go on-and-on for what seems like an eternity. To guarantee a hit with the speeches, have the DJ play some beats in the background, and make your best man and maid-of-honor sing their hearts out.

10. After party. It really isn't a party unless there is an after party, right? Treat your wedding party and other special guests to an exclusive event in style. If you're in Northwest Florida on a Friday or Saturday night, have your limo driver take you bar or club hopping in either downtown Pensacola or Destin.

If you like any or all of these ideas, and you need help executing them, call Anthony & Melanie at 850-797-8040 or visit our website here. We will help you create a one-of-a-kind, dream wedding that your guests will never forget.

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Adam Cotton - I love dramatic lighting! I shot a wedding recently that had a chandelier in the reception area...gorgeous!
Natalie - Ha! I love the idea of singing the speeches! Hilarious!