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Monday, March 20, 2017
By HoloQuest Weddings
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So many times Brides and Grooms tell us something along these lines... "I really want to {insert idea}, but my {insert family member or friend} thinks it's tacky or in bad taste. What do you think I should do?"

Here's the thing you need to remember... it's YOUR wedding. You should have the wedding you want, not what someone else wants. Who cares if someone disagrees with your choices. What matters is that you are happy.

So, Brides and Grooms... you be you! Go out there and plan the wedding of your dreams. Sure, you can ask your family, friends and vendors for guidance or advice along the way, but in the end, do you what you want to do. And, don't second guess yourself. Just go for it!

And, if you need help along the way, we are here for you. HoloQuest Weddings offers complimentary wedding planning to brides and groom who book both DJ and photography. Call Anthony & Melanie at 850-797-8040 or send us a message through our website here.

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