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Saturday, November 26, 2016
By HoloQuest Weddings
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Are you having a difficult time deciding on how to serve dinner at your wedding? There are really only two options: plated or buffet.

We have seen both. While most brides and grooms opt for a buffet, we believe plated dinners are better for a few reasons.

1. Plated dinners are a huge time saver. There is no time lost waiting in line. Everyone gets served at the same time.

2. Buffets encourage overeating. Almost everyone gets seconds and some get thirds or more. Now, your guests have eaten too much and feel sick. The last thing they want to do is dance.

3. Surprisingly, plated dinners can cost less than buffets. We did a wedding at the Hilton in Pensacola, and we were surprised to hear that they had plated options that were a few dollars cheaper per person than the buffet.

4. Plated dinners add an element of class. If you had the choice of being served or serving yourself, which would you choose?

This post may have made you question some aspects of your wedding planning. If you need help, call Melanie & Anthony at 850-797-8040 or send us a message through our website here.

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